Pojke spelar koncentrerat på en flygel under Polstjärnedagarna i Vänersborg

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News from the National centre for music talents, YOMA and Polstjärnepriset

Cellist Inez Karlsson won the Polstjärnepriset in 2023

– I’m overwhelmed. This is an amazing experience! So says cellist Inez Karlsson, who is the first ever winner of the Nordic edition of the Polstjärnepriset – a highly ranked…

The four finalists in the Polstjärnepriset Nordic Edition 2023 have been selected

The four finalists in the Polstjärnepriset Nordic Edition 2023 have been selected.pdf 94.15 KB Finalists Polstjärnepriset 2023 Valdemar Wenzel Most – Piano MGK Hovedstaden – Københavns Musikskole I started playing…

All recordings and live streaming from Polstjärnepriset 2023

3 January Live streaming lessons 3 January Live streaming semifinal 3 January 4 January Live streaming från lessons 4 January Live streamin 4 januari 5 January Se Polstjärneprisets final på…

Press release January 2, results of the first competiton of Polstjärnepriset 2023

Press release January 2 2023.pdf 212.91 KB

Polstjärneprisets Winter festival 2023

Welcome to Polstjärneprisets Winter festival 3-5 January 2023. Advance registration is recommended for all concerts in Vänersborg Book your tickets to the concerts Lukas Flink Polstjärnepriset final 2022. Photo: Olle…

Polstjärneprisets Autumn festival 2022

Polstjärnepriset Autumn festival i Vänersborg On 5 – 6 November, the National Centre for Music Talents in Vänersborg presents an Autumn Festival with classical music for all music lovers from…

The competitors in Polstjärnepriset 2023 – Nordic Edition

The contestants in the Nordics’ only soloist competition in classical music are hereby presented with contestants aged 14-18 from all Nordic countries. National juries in each Nordic country have selected…

Lukas Flinks performance from Eurovision Young Musicians 2022

Watch Lukas Flink’s performance in Eurovision Young Musicians 2022, Montpellier Lucas Flink – Trombone Concerto, 1st mvt by Tomasi – Sweden