Polstjärne­priset – the Course

All photos below: Olle Gustafsson


Polstjärneprisets Winter festival 2024

Experience Polstjärnepriset’s Winter festival 2024. The concerts in Vänersborg on 3 and 4 January are free, but we recommend booking a seat to ensure there’s a place for you. Book…

Polstjärnepriset 2024 Part 1 – Competition and Course in Vänersborg

From 2 to 5 November, the first part of the Polstjärnepriset competition and course unfolded in Vänersborg. Talented young musicians from across the country and the Nordic region came together…

Polstjärneprisets Höstfestival 4-5 Nov

After achieving success in Norway and at the Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm, Polstjärnepriset’s young soloists are now holding their annual Höstfestival in Vänersborg. In preparation for their solo and…

Polstjärneprisets double bassist to the Karjan Academy

Double bassist Harald Edin, a well-known figure from Polstjärnepriset, has won the audition for the Karajan Academy at the young age of 19. Harald has been a part of YOMA…

October course weekend with wind band and concerts

Last weekend, we had another fantastic YOMA course weekend! It was a packed weekend with over 100 lessons and masterclasses, both on-site in Vänersborg and online. Maciej Rakowski gives online…

Polstjärnepriset summer highlights

Photo credits: Magnus Skrede What a fantastic summer it has been for Polstjärnepriset, with one highlight after another. Cellist Inez Karlsson, winner of Polstjärnepriset 2023, played at Slottsskogen together with…