Polstjärne­priset Nordic Edition

Polstjärnepriset – Nordic Edition, offers young classical musicians from all Nordic countries as well as the Faroe Islands and Åland to apply for the Polstjärnepriset competition and the Polstjärnekursen in Vänersborg, Sweden. Over 15 years, the Polstjärnepriset has developed into so much more than a competition and has become a creative and developing venue that is characterized by friendship, ambition and care.
With the Nordic Edition, there will be even more opportunities for young Nordic musicians development and performance, during the Polstjärnefestivalen and the Baltic Sea Festival, one of the Nordic region’s leading festivals.

All photos below: Olle Gustafsson

Polstjärnepriset logotyp med texten Nordic Edition, Sweden, Vänersborg, The Nordics