YOMA open course weekend March

Open course for strings and winds, online and IRL. For students and teachers.

The course is given both online and on site in Vänersborg and welcomes you (about 10-18 years old) who play string or wind instruments and have played for a few years. You can choose if you want to participate for one lesson, for one day or two days. If you are an instrumental teacher, you are welcome to accompany your own students or to attend the course for yourself.

The course is run in parallel with courses in the Öppna programmet and the Talangprogrammet. If you participate IRL, you will be able to play together with these course participants with a part that suits your level of difficulty. You can also receive coaching from one of the older talents and visit their lessons and concerts.

We have extensive experience in online teaching and will help you with the technology if you want to participate online. If you participate online, you can apart from your lesson, experience other’s lessons and the concert on the Sunday.

All YOMA courses are free of charge. If you play the oboe, bassoon, French horn, viola or double bass and participate on site in Vänersborg, we even pay for the journey plus accommodation and food for one day.

Info and registration

If you want to participate on site, we can offer accommodation and breakfast for 400 SEK/night in a shared room or 500 SEK in a single room. In general, all participants, except adults, are placed in shared rooms. We also offer lunch and dinner for 110 SEK/meal. If you wish to participate on site, we will send you a link to book and pay for meals and accommodation.

Please register as soon as possible, but no later than 4 February for both IRL and online participants. Your enrolment is valid only when you have sent the scores for your individual lessons as an attached pdf file (no link) in an email to yoma@yomacenter.se.

Participants register here.

Instructors register here.

Instructors, more to be added

  • Alf-Richard Kraggerud, violin (Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt, Oslo)
  • Andreas Patrik Hansson, orchestra, conducting, theory (Nationellt centrum för musiktalanger, Vänersborg)
  • Anna Bornander, oboe (teacher at musik- och kulturskolan i Vänersborg)
  • Asuka Nakamura, piano and rehearsing (frilans)
  • Björn Olsson, French horn (Kungliga Musikhögskolan, Stockholm) 
  • Gitte Marcusson, flute (Royal College of Music, London)
  • Jan Alm, double bass (Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborg)
  • Jens Elfving, violin (Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborg)
  • Jon Dahlkvist, viola (Musikhögskolan Ingesund)
  • Jun Sasaki, cello (Göteborgs Symfoniker)
  • Jörgen Winblad, trumpet (N3 Trollhättan)
  • Kristoffer Dolatko, violin (Nationellt talangcentrum i Aarhus, Danmark)
  • Lars-Inge Bjärlestam, cello (Musikhögskolan Ingesund)
  • Maciej Rakowski, violin (Royal College, London)
  • NN, trombone
  • Susanna Heinebäck, bassoon (Örebro Kulturskola) 
  • Terje Skomedal, violin (Göteborgs Symfoniker)
  • Tomas Johansson, clarinet (Musik- och kulturskolan i Vänersborg, Tomas works closely with Hermann Stefánsson and has been teacher for Magnus Holmander, Gustav Wetterbrandt and others)
  • Date
    02-03 March 2024
  • City
    Vänersborg and online
  • Closing registration date
    28 January 2024