Winter festival

Experience Polstjärnepriset’s Winter festival 2024. The concerts in Vänersborg on 3 and 4 January are free, but we recommend booking a seat to ensure there’s a place for you.

The semifinal on 3 January and the chamber concert on 4 January are fully booked! You’re welcome to come by, we’ll do our best to find a place for you, but we can’t guarantee you a seat.

Book a place for the concerts in Vänersborg

3 January, Polstjärnepriset’s semifinal

18.00-20.30 Folkets Hus Vänersborg

The semifinal with eight of Sweden most promising young soloists, selected by the jury on the first day of the competition. After the performances and the jury’s deliberations, the four finalists will be announced two days later at the Gothenburg Concert Hall.

4 January, Chamber concert

18.00-19.00 Folkets Hus Vänersborg

The central theme of the evening’s two concerts is Mussorgsky’s magnificent opus ‘Paintings at an Exhibition’, originally an in memoriam to the artist Viktor Hartmann. The audience will experience Mussorgsky’s masterful and imaginative interpretations of Hartmann’s paintings in various settings from solo piano to orchestral format, performed by the Polstjärnepriset competitors and course participants.

The Folkets Hus café is open between the concerts.

4 January, Orchestra concert

20.00-21.00 Vänersborg church

Concert with the Polstjärnepriset Symphony Orchestra; an orchestra with Polstjärnepriset’s competitors and course participants. You are treated to music by Mussorgsky and Copland, among others.

The Folkets Hus café is open between the concerts.

5 January, Polstjärnepriset’s final

15.00-17.00 Gothenburg Concert Hall

Breathless excitement with the country’s top young soloists and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Who will be this year’s winner? Admission: 150 SEK.

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