YOMA gives 1st chance to future concertmasters, section leaders and conductors

YOMA Section leader training

We are proud to introduce YOMA Section leader training! As part of YOMA’s courses, we can now offer section leader training to those who play at a high level and want to develop as a concertmaster and section leader. With instructors such as Johannes Lörstad, Malin Broman, Terje Skomedal and others, you will receive coaching at an international level and gain practical experience in YOMA’s and Polstjärnepriset’s orchestral activities. You will learn how to communicate effectively with your section and the whole orchestra, to see the whole picture through the score, and to model good technique and sound. A unique opportunity to gain valuable experience that you are guaranteed to benefit from, perhaps already now in your ensemble and orchestra at home!

Malin Broman

YOMA Conducting training

The section leader training is advantageously combined with the YOMA Conductor training, where you will have the opportunity to conduct musicians from YOMA and Polstjärnepriset and learn both technique and methodology for leading your fellow musicians. You are divided into groups based on your previous experience of conducting and the programme is suitable for everyone, whether you have been conducting for several years or just want to try it out. If you have high ambitions and show good results, you can be considered to conduct at our concerts. The conductor training is led by the artistic director of the Polstjärnepriset Symphony Orchestra, Andreas Patrik Hansson.

Andreas Patrik Hansson, photo: B-Visuals Fotografie