About us

The National Center for Music Talents was formed in 2019 aiming for:

  • with head quarters in Vänersborg, run a national platform for meetings and practicing at the international top level, for young talents who play orchestral instruments and/or interested in professional conducting
  • to inspire, strengthen and complement schools at al levels, throughout the country. Also, through regionally located educations and in collaboration with cultural schools and other actors
  • to strengthen the re-growth of the profession as a musician in classical music and promote young creativity

The association conducts course activities through YOMA – Young Musicians Academy and arranges every year the competition Polstjärnepriset for young classical musicians 14 – 18 years.

The association receives support from the Swedish Council for Culture, the boards of the regions of Stockholm , Västerbotten, Västmanland, Östergötland and Västra Götaland, as well as support from the city of Vänersborg for the training of musical talents at an international level and collaboration with others.

The association is sponsored by the Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation. The association also receives grants from the Nordic Culture Fund for Nordic co-operation.


2006 – 2008 The municipality of Vänersborg begins a close collaboration with Aurora Music’s international Master Classes, establishes the competition Polstjärnepriset, Sweden’s foremost competition for young classical musicians and starts weekend courses for young talents in classical music.

In 2010, the winner of Polstjärnepriset represents Sweden for the first time at the Eurovision Young Musicians.

In 2012, Polstjärnepriset is supplemented with courses in connection with the competition – Polstjärnekursen.

In 2014, international collaborations with Norway and Austria, among others, begins.

In 2016, the finalists of Polstjärnepriset are, for the first time, accompanied by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the orchestra of Polstjärnepriset plays side by side with the symphony orchestra. In 2019, the National Center for Musical Talents is formed by the municipality of Vänersborg together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Norrland Opera and the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.