The Open Programme

For whom?
The Open Programme is for those who play at an advanced level for their age (10-18 years).

What you’ll get

  • individual lessons
  • visiting the Talent Programme master classes
  • group lessons
  • workshops, lectures etc.
  • ensemble playing IRL
  • orchestral playing IRL
  • participation in concerts, online and IRL
  • more elements can be added

How to apply
You apply by sending a recording or a link to a recording to If you are accepted, you will be invited to several courses each year on a rotational basis for all those who play the same instrument as you. The Open Programme collaborates with the Talent Programme course, which takes place at the same time.

Focus instrument
If you play one of the focus instruments (oboe, bassoon, French horn, viola or double bass), we will reimburse part of your travel, food and accommodation costs. Read more here.

Photos: Olle Gustafsson