Polstjärnepriset 2024 – the Course

Here you’ll find information about Polstjärnepriset 2024 – the Course. Interested? Read more and apply here. 

The course offers you

  • individual lessons – at least one lesson on your instrument in both November and January – and ensemble lessons from prominent instructors
  • to play, develop and perform together with 80 of the Nordic region’s foremost young musicians, including the competitors
  • the chance to participate in the Polstjärnepriset master classes, visit the competition and get insight in the way of working of the competition
  • the opportunity to perform for the jury “outside the competition”, to receive important feedback and experience
  • daily rehearsals in one or several of the Polstjärnepriset ensembles and orchestras
  • to participate in the Polstjärnepriset concerts, in various ensembles and orchestras
  • to play together with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra during the day of the finals

The course is aimed at young musicians in the field of classical music, aged approx. 14–20, from all the Nordic countries. All standard orchestral instruments, incl. percussion, are welcome to participate in the course.

The course is divided into two periods, part 1: 2-5 November 2023 and part 2: 2-5 January 2024.

Polstjärnepriset part 1

During Polstjärnepriset part 1, in November, we focus on development, inspiration and preparation. You’ll get individual lessons and have the chance to play together with the other participants of the course, but also of the competition. Some participants already perform at concerts in Vänersborg.

Polstjärnepriset part 2

In January you’ll have lessons, individually and in ensembles and orchestras and you’ll participate in some of the public Polstjärnepriset concerts. You’ll perform with your ensemble and/or with one of the orchestras. After the course, you make your own arrangements to travel home.

 Read more and apply here.