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Polstjärnepriset participants login

Participants login

Fees and costs

Participation in the competition Polstjärnepriset and the course Polstjärnekursen is free of charge. In order to give all competitors chosen by the jury equal opportunities to participate in the competition, Polstjärnepriset has decided to offer all competitors free travel, board and lodging during the periods 3-6 November 2022 and 1-6 January 2023. As soon as you are accepted to the competition you will receive further information about these benefits.


The application is closed


Important dates

April 15
The application opens, check website. Remember to prepare all contents before application day.

June 15
Last day for applying to Polstjärnepriset.

Please note that audio recordings, all charts and a copy of ID document, identity card or certificate from school must be attached to your application.

August 19
An announcement will be sent, via e-mail, to the participants who are offered a place in the competition! Documentation and other requierments will be attached. Those who are not admitted to the competition may be offered a position at the course.

August 26
Last day for confirmation of participation at the competition.

October 15
Last day notice if you want to change the solo piece (performance with the orchestra) Email to:

November 3-6
The days of Polstjärnepriset/kursen

November 3
Entry and registration at 15.00, the day starts at 17.00

November 6
Return journey
Mandatory attendance in the morning. Check your schedule!

November 12
Last day notice for changes of other competition repertoire. Email to:

January 1 – 6
The days of the competiton and festival

January 1
Entry and registration starts at 12.00.

January 2
First round of competition.

January 3    
Semifinal of the competition in Vänersborg at 18.00

January 4
Concerts of the Polstjärnefestivalen in Vänersborg, at 15.00 and at 18.00.

January 5
Concerts of the festival at different concert venues of Gothenburg Concert Hall at 14.00, Final concert starts at 15.00.

January 6
Festival in Oslo, Norway. You manage your own home travel. Mandatory attendance every day.